A Confirmation Of A Cuckold

I had fallen asleep while my wife was out on her date Friday night. Normally I stay awake but I had had a long week, was tired, her and I were not really getting along, both feeling under-appreciated in our busy family life. I was not upset about her going out, myself I was just sexually not feeling into it, which will happen time to time and that is really okay.

It felt like the middle of the night even though it was only 10pm when I was slowly awaken by her rubbing against my body, I did not register in my head at first what was going on but slowly, I was being pulled out of my sleep, the only thing I could think about was that she was home from freshly being fucked by an alpha man. A moment passed of me wanting to be stubborn and stay asleep.

My true desires wouldn’t allow this though as my cock got hard thinking about her back in our bed after being with another man. The smell of sex, her sweaty body, turned on and hot. Knowing she had just go thoroughly pleasured by another man.

As I came out of my sleep my only urge was I just wanted to devour her. Not like he had, not at all, I wanted to devour and submit to her. I rolled her over on her back as I dove under the covers and placed my mouth on her fucked pussy. The endorphins rushed through me as I indulged in a creampie from her pussy bringing her to multiple orgasms.

She then climbed on top of me, fucked my face with her pussy, then slid down and took her anger from the day out on her submissive husband, slapping me in the face and spitting in my mouth telling me to cum for her at the thought of another man fucking her.

I thought to myself during this sexual act, she could fuck whomever she wanted whenever she wanted, wherever she wanted. It wouldn’t matter if I wanted her to or not and at the end I would be turned on. I would lick her pussy clean, fuck! I’d even lick her ass clean and I would love her as much as ever before in my life.

I love being a submissive cuckold, I crave it. I devour it and there is now no hiding that.

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