The Greatest Gift

My greatest gift in my life is my beautiful wife and the love she gives me and her acceptance of me. I am grateful every minute of the day for her and there is not a time in the day that goes by when I’m not thinking of her.

One of the the best gifts she ever gave me sexually, was a pair of panties. So many years I had cuckold cravings yet I didn’t understand them, enjoyed yes, but had a hard time accepting and fully enjoying.

Although a man doesn’t need to get dressed up in order to do laundry or household chores. Today I have gone from those first pair of sexy underwear to a full sexy maid outfit. I did not have much time this afternoon, as I have a lot of work that needed to be done this morning and this afternoon professionally. I got to have one delightful hour of preparing dinner for tonight, putting the dishes away and cleaning the dirty dishes, the counters, vacuuming the floors and tightening up.

Of course I did not need to be dressed up as a sissy maid to do this, with high heels. I could have performed these task in my work clothes, even a men’s suit and tie if required. Wearing a pretty little maid’s uniform though put me in the perfect frame of mind.

Being dressed as a maid added an extra element of sexual excitement, the desire to please. The feeling of being submissive when most of the day I have been the dominant male I also enjoy to be outside of the bedroom. The feeling of feminine on my skin, the feel of the white nylons, the thong against my skin and ass, tight waist and heavy bust.

Prior to feminization I had great cuckold cravings, now I have cravings to be me, a sexually submissive male and my strong male self outside of my home. My wife gave me the gift of acceptance, and it has allowed me to stop being as serious about it all as I used to be and better enjoy it. A cuckold, a sissy, a man and many more things all in one.

I have many fantasies, one of them was to dress up like a maid during the day, I have cuckold fantasies, fantasies of being tied up, fantasies of being dominated by my wife and others, sharing partners with my wife, being my wife’s girlfriend, I have even fantasized about being choked and having my wife spit in my mouth (note: I love this!). In a loving relationship, I feel safe to surrender to my wife and put myself in vulnerable positions. These fantasies of course don’t work outside the safety of our relationship. Her acceptance and love has allowed us both to explore our sexuality more than I have ever imagined.

I enjoy being a sissy cuckold at home. I now am starting my dream wardrobe of over exaggerated women’s clothing – the sexy maid, short mini skirts, booty shorts, sexy bras and panties, knee high heeled boots, stiletto heels. If I could pick one outfit to wear as a sissy it would be a sexy pair of panties, nylons and a garter belt. I have learned up top I don’t look all that convincingly like a woman as a sissy but I have pretty sexy feminine features below the waist, a small cock, tight round ass, long defined legs. I am happy with it.

What I have enjoyed most during my sissy play is doing it with my wife. Her encouraging me to try on clothing I would not have thought to have, as well as accessories including heels and wigs. Playing with and learning how to do make-up with her and making out more feminine and sensual than ever before with our soft feminine skin and lips. Putting fake eyelashes on and daring to go out to a bar. Most of the time when I dress it is when I am home alone, but I enjoy it most doing it with her.

I have found there is nothing I so far don’t like about being a sissy (a submissive crossdresser), with cuckolding I think I got carried away with porn and tumblr and thought I wanted things like direct humiliation that I didn’t. Maybe at that point I thought that is what I deserved. Really I just wanted the feelings I get when dressing or being cuckolded or dominated by my wife or another in an accepting honest way that can be enjoyed together. She has been smart enough to recognize this.

I am so happy I came out to my wife and shared all of my inner secrets. I wish I had her around my entire life to had help guide me a long the way like she has the last 10+ years. I enjoy our sexlife so much. I like our love making the best, us teasing each-other rubbing on each-other, scissoring, kissing, more submissive sex. I love how hard I cum when we have sex this way but also how we enjoy dominant sex with each-other and others as well. It is a great blend that has allowed me to not stress about being what I am not in the bedroom.

Words that turn me on are – shaved, giving, submissive, willing, stockings, blouses, feminine, strappy, spanking, bras, accepted, tide up, promiscuous, gagged, strap-ons, double dildo’s, bimbo, tights, skirts, sucking, pink, girly, miniskirts, naughty, filthy, pretty, sexy, hosiery, comforting, slut, licking, leather, butt-plug, eye shadow, chaste, maid, nail, slutty, heels, mascara, boots, cum eating, cuckold, bull, dom, cuckoldress, womanly, clubwear, dominated, cosmetics, panties, lipstick, dresses, collared, small penis, clit.

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