Joys Of A Crossdressing Sissy – Clothing

Clothes, I have always loved them, both men’s and women’s but for me shopping for women’s clothing has always been a joy. I know, what kind of man likes to go clothing shopping? This kind of man.

Prior to finally deciding to indulge in crossdressing my main outlet was purchasing clothing for my wife. Don’t worry my love, I will always love buying you clothing. Now though it is different. I get to try on all these fun and sexy styles! You know what they feel great and make me feel sexy too.

Right now I am wearing a tight black body suite, pantyhose, a short mini skirt and tall fuck me high heel boots. I also have a chastity devise on and breast inserts. I’ll talk about those later though.

I like clothing that is sexy! Clothing beautiful confident women like my wife can wear, classy but a touch of slutty sexuality. I hope my wife feels the way I do when I am wearing it. I look look like a man but feel sexy like a woman…. funny right.

Clothing should have been a sign of my cuckold nature, maybe it was for my wife? I love for her to feel sexy, look sexy and confident. I love the men like to look at her and flirt with her. It is a huge turn on for me and I admit a big part of the reason I choose to purchase certain clothes for her. Usually I’ll see something and think to my self, she would look hot in that! Then of course the next thought is I should purchase it for her.

For myself it has been fun experimenting what I look hot in, what type of clothing accentuate my long legs, what shorts or leggings show off my little ass, what tops bring the outfit together.

It is a lot of fun! Of course clothing is the main part of crossdressing. But there certainly is a lot more about being a crossdressing sissy cuckold. 😉

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