Joys Of A Crossdressing Sissy – Chastity

Chasity, we have been playing with it as a sex toy for many years now. When we started we ordered your main plastic ones you can find online but quickly learned I was too small for all of them including the small sizes. Reality check indeed! So my loving supporting wife got me a custom made one that fits me perfectly.

I do not wear it all the time although sometimes like today desire too. If you are a submissive male, a male who likes some erotic humiliation, a cuckold, a male that gets turned on being reminded you have a small cock you should definitely try chastity.

Honestly writing this makes me throb in my cage. When you have it on, it is a constant reminder of all of the above and constantly has you turned on, except you can not masturbate. When I’m wearing it I love the submissive feeling, I also love the feeling of knowing my cock is my wife’s, and she is a sexy goddess hotwife.

With women’s clothing on it is even that much hotter! Tightly wrapped up in panties, your little dick can not be used. This is where the sissy part comes in, someone like me gets turned on by this. This is the submissive part. As a male you are the top, but in this state you can only be sexually used, you are no longer in full control, of course you have consent. It is more like a clit, you still get stimulation, pleasure and can even orgasm, but you can not penetrate. Also you have to go pee sitting down, what’s more feminine than that!

It is highly satisfying, and erotic, mentally and physically. Like being bound by rope.

I have always had a hard time grasping sexual denial and chastity, but I think the part I never understood is you actually are not being denied because it brings you pleasure, it is just a different type of mental and physical sexual pleasure you are not yet used to.

Lets, face it, most men who wear chastity probably don’t have a huge cock, yes they may be average, but I would bet these things are not meant to fit anyone above average. So it also does a great job, feeding the fantasy that many cuckold husbands including myself have, being turned on by the thought of their wives being sexually pleasured by bigger cock.

I admit, as I said in the beginning, for us chastity is a sex toy and when used like our other toys can bring me great pleasure.

It also helps relieve cuckold angst. When my wife first started cuckolding me, I would masturbate and cum at least 3-5 times while she was out. Yes WOW! I was that aroused having multiple orgasms at the same time she was. But it is a roller coaster because once you orgasm, that sexual energy temporarily diminishes, the angst then comes, then it came and went in waves. I learned early on to stop pleasuring myself to orgasm when my wife was cuckolding me. It is much better to wait have one or two amazing orgasms when she returns!! With the cage on it guarantees you will not jerk off, but it also is a constant erotic stimulant, that keeps you turned on and engaged with your cuckolding thoughts.

This is my current take on the Chastity Cage.

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