Why I Love Being A Cuckold

For me it didn’t start with porn although I have always enjoyed porn that included a female being fucked by more than one guy. For me it was a slow build, with hints of cuckold desire.

Early on when my wife and I started dating she invited another male out to the bars with us. A friend. I couldn’t believe it and figured he wanted to be more than a friend with her. That night she stayed by my side and we had a great time. The strange thing is I was a little jealous and taken off guard but at the same time this was a huge turn-on thinking about her fucking another guy even while we dated.

The first time we ever had sex, was one of the hottest nights of my life, she instantly had me hooked and I knew she was a sex goddess.

It was more the toys I introduced into our love making that set my desire off for her to experience other men. The first time I blindfolded her, tied her to the bed and used a realistic dildo on her was eye opening. The fake cock was of course larger than my real cock. It rocked her world, she came so hard and so many times.

I was hooked and started to get larger and larger toys, astonished by her sexually and her insatiable behavior. There was no way I could alone keep up nor did I want to. Toys are still part of our bedroom play and keep her coming hard until the next cuckolding.

This is why I love being a cuckold.

It was hard the first time I saw a real man fuck her hard like this with a large cock. It was much easier fantasizing about it when she was out in a hotel with them, me not there, getting an occasional picture now and thin.

Seeing it in person, hurt, yet was such a huge turn on at the same time. I was scared I would lose her because I couldn’t give her this, I thought I was sick for desiring it, It caused a lot of angst and confusion but I wanted more, and her and I both got more.

We were kind of like two kids in a candy shop, new men, trying to find her the biggest and best cock. I still was angsty but god did she look so hot being filled and fucked so much better than I could do myself!

As we got more comfortable we started to meet regular men. She still loves feeling a new man slide into and take her but having regular men brought a bit more of a comfort level for me.

Also it gave me more of a chance to experience a deeper level of cuckolding and being included in hot MFM threesomes.

We have had the most amazing sex life my wife and I and it continues to get better. Then we met a guy who loved cuckolding me, then another who also gets off on being a Dom. This is when the angst peaked and then acceptance of myself being a true cuckold male — meaning I get off on it, it turns me on, I love it and crave it.

I got a taste. A taste of submission, a taste of cum

Full of cum I was able to lick her to the most amazing passionate loving orgasms. Giving it all to her, licking and eating her fucked and filled pussy. I’ve grown to love the taste of it, to look forward to this final act of reclaiming my wife the way a submissive male should. Just a taste of what a cock did to her.

I love worshipping my cuckoldress, goddess, showing her how much I love her, how thankful I am to have her, she completes my world. I will do anything for her.

Then she gave me the greatest gift, the gift of acceptance.

She learned my darkest secrets and didn’t run, she embraced and encouraged me to bring them out.

She shared his cock with me, it was about the ultimate step in my cuckolding journey. I again had angst, questioning my sexuality, yet my love for my wife and desire to continue was just as strong if not stronger than ever. I told myself the next time she shares him with me, just let go, be a slut and enjoy it and I did.

Then my feminization. Started light and has also gradually increased with fun, happiness and joy. Again, I couldn’t believe her acceptance of my submissive desires, her deep love for me and my happiness. It started with me trying to give her this and ended with her giving it to me.

She purchased me clothes, a wig, heels and make-up. And started to teach me. It only gives me greater appreciation for everything she does everyday. Makes me want her more. To be dressed in sexy girls clothes, with make-up on and a smooth body, it was like I was making love to her for the first time, but this time not as an alpha male, tender, soft, feminine, not rushed, I could kiss her all night long like this.

Have you ever been face fucked by your wife’s boyfriend cuckold? I have.

Then being taken by her. A complete submissive act, her on top, her fucking you. I could have my wife fuck me over and over again my whole life if she desires, my cuckoldress. We are both submissive in nature, yet I love everything she has done to help me feel the way I like to feel as a cuckold. I am sure that is different for everyone. It has been close to 10 years of a journey for us, slowly getting spicier and spicier. I myself wouldn’t change any of it, with anything there has been ups and downs but always circling back the sexual cravings. There are so many reasons I love being a cuckold. My number one reason is my wife.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love Being A Cuckold

  1. OOOHH yes YES !!!!!!! To be a cuckold is to be SSoooooo BLESSED,,,,, OMG Thrilling…. and enjoying TWO LOVERS….. and TWO sexes… OOOhh sooo DELICIOUS… This is like being in heaven…


  2. OOOhh YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! I doo sooo LOVE…… This little sissy ois definitely Cuckold Material… and I desire to be the sissy in a strong cuckold marraige…… This will Be HEAVEN for me…… and I will soooo LOVE and Honir my wonderful wife…. YES !!!!!


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