Small Dick Club

My advice for women with submissive husbands…. accept, embrace, and enjoy. Don’t feel guilty!! If your husband has discussed his submissive desires with you it is because he finds it enjoyable and probably even pleasurable. Maybe he feels inadequate sexually, maybe he works in a position of power and enjoys the loss of control of his sexual life.

It is important to realize his fetishes are not your fault. He is admitting this desire to you because he trust you and enjoys it… so embrace let him know how you truly feel about his cock. I get very turned on when my wife talks about how small my cock is and how she needs bigger cock. I love how when she tells me to use my tongue or a toy for her pleasure. But don’t start faking a passion that doesn’t exist. In all reality he loves you for the woman you are. He thinks you are special enough to admit he is freaky and has a kinky side.

Do not be offended that your husband has submissive desires. He is only trying to improve this experience by explaining it to you. If you are willing to listen, it could be a life changing conversation.

My cuckold to future hotwife advise of the day.

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