Pleasure Me Like You Do Best

You might have a small cock my loving cuckold husband but you have the perfect tongue. You like to be between my legs, you want to lick my pussy and make me cum. You are exceptionally skilled.

I already know that you like eating my pussy and that you’re so much better at it than you’ve ever been at fucking. Yes you give the effort when you fuck me but your passion is licking me. Your little cock just can’t do what you mouth does.

It doesn’t surprise me you have licked more pussy than you have fucked. One of my favorite things about being your hotwife is how desperate you are for my pussy. How much you crave to pleasure me in every way.

Remember when you told me about those girls in college. How they would always allow you to lick their pussy but they never would fuck you in return. Sorry honey, they didn’t need your cock, trust me they got plenty of cock from the other boys. No honey they didn’t need that little dick of yours. They did love other things about you though. You are pretty fucking hot and you love to pleasure others. So yes baby they loved you licking their pussy like you are about to do for me. Only they didn’t know how filthy you really are did they? Oh honey… I do. I am going to feed your filthy mouth. When I uncross my legs his cum will start to drip out and you will lick me to orgasm. You will think about the big cock that pleasured my pussy and your little dick will get hard, because you like that don’t you my little pussy licker. You like that big cock makes me cum harder and fucks me better than your little dick. You love to clean your wife’s pussy after another man has satisfied and filled her sexually. You even love the taste of his cum.

Oh yes baby they talked behind your back about your little dick. Trust me, if you had them naked licking their pussy and you were naked yet they wouldn’t let you fuck them….. Well trust me if you had a big cock they would have been fucking you!

Oh…. They didn’t tell you, you had a small penis. They didn’t really need to tell you honey. After all they just wanted to use your mouth, they were not in love with you like I am. Yes they new how good of a guy you are, the perfect catch with one little shortcoming. They weren’t your wife, after all your wife has to be honest to you right?

I know though, I know what turns you on my filthy cuckold. You’re basically the perfect husband, just with one really notable exception. You are so kind and supportive. You’re loving and sweet. Educated, a hard working. You just have a small penis. It’s okay, but should we even call it a penis? It is actually more like a big clit the way it fits in those woman’s panties we have you wear. You look so cute in them. Sometimes you can’t even tell you have a dick in them.

Eat my pussy! Savor the taste of the goddess you love and the other man who fills in for your shortcomings.

It is really unbelievable, I am the luckiest wife really. I have never met another man that actually likes watching his wife suck someone else’s dick, who gets turned on by her fucking another man and orgasming so hard on his cock. Going out and fucking other men and coming home so you can lick my pussy.

You are so sweet, you like other men giving me what I’m missing. Their big cock. Stroke your little dick while you lick my pussy. Tell me you will always love me, you will never leave me, know matter how many times I cuckold you. You love it when humiliate your little cock don’t you? You love being my cuckold don’t you? GOD!!! You’re going to make me cum with your mouth. Fuck I love you!!!

Note: I don’t know why I find this thought so hot!!! I just do :). I’m pretty sure I’ll cum myself pretty hard tonight.

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