Joys Of A Crossdressing Sissy: By By Body Hair

The first time I every removed my body hair was for an open water swim event where wetsuits were not allowed to be worn. I was looking for any advantage to making me be more competitive in this event and shaving body hair kept coming up. So I spent the next hours removing all of my hair – Legs, Privates, Chest, and Arms. I did leave my armpit hair.

It took some labor having to first trim my lifetime growth and then taking a razor to make it smooth. I remember how in touch I felt with my body, how sensual it felt. I don’t know if it made me faster but it gave me confidence, a sense of being faster, it felt sexy and I was surprised how my skin responded differently to the feel of fabrics and my wife’s touch against it. 

After that event I grew it back. It wasn’t until I started wearing panties, that I started to shave again. This time just my legs, privates, stomach and chest. What I did not like was the stubble that quickly came back and the effort it took to have to shave day in and day out. Woman put a lot of work into their bodies and it should be admired and respected. What they do day to day is not easy. 

As a surprise for my wife before a naughty swingers vacation, I decided to get my whole body waxed not including my arms and armpits. As soon as I completed my waxing I knew I was hooked and this again would not be something I would turn back from. 
Feeling sensual and feeling sexy is something today I take advantage of. I think it is tremendously empowering to be in touch of your femininity and sensuality. It allows me to be more confident, less self-conscious in everything I do. I also enjoy wearing skimpier clothing and of course the theme of this series women’s clothing. Today I also remove my body hair on my arm and in my armpits. Noone has commented much on my hair removal but I’m sure the armpits are the greater surprise than the rest of the body. With confidence though you don’t really care what others think. I am doing me.

I have also started to be more aware of my skin and taking care of it. Exfoliating, lotions, creams and scents.  I love the feel of my smooth body agains my wife’s smooth body, it is erotic, pleasurable and yes more feminine and sensual.

I am not a woman I am a male, I can’t help to wonder, do women get to feel this empowered, sexy and beautiful every-day they slip on a pair of panties, a tight hugging outfit, over their smooth skin. If they don’t they really should. 

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