Joys Of A Crossdressing Sissy – Panties

Women’s panties and the joys of wearing them. When I was a child I wore your normal tighty whiteys, then moved on to boxer shorts in Junior High and High School, when I got to college I started to wear boxer briefs which have better support than boxers. All these men’s underwear were all very plain, yes some had graphics but there is really nothing very exciting to say about them.

When my wife and I started to get into cuckolding and swinging she decided I needed more sexy underwear. She purchased me underwear from She stuck with boxer briefs but they were much more feminine and sexy than the Under Armor I was wearing before. I liked the new underwear, they were a bit more skimpy and definitely more sexy. As I wore them I remember feeling that I really wanted to try skimpier. So we purchased me my first male thong. The male thong was heavenly, I just loved how it hugged my body, supported my privates and the feeling of the string sliding against my ass and between my ass cheeks. I liked them so much I purchased more, but there really is not that big of a selection of mens thongs out there. I felt naughty in them and I actually wanted a bit more skimpy, more feminine.

So one day I started trying on my wife’s panties. This is not the first women’s clothing I had tried on but this was a big protagonist to my deeper exploration into women’s clothing and feminization.

I loved sliding them over my smooth legs, the softness of the fabric, the snugness on my crotch, the erotic feeling of my ass. I also thought I looked hot in them although hers were slightly small on me.

So I went to Victoria Secrets to purchase a pair of my own. The sales lady was very good and talked me into purchasing 5 pairs to receive a discount.

The fun thing about women’s panties is there are so many cuts, so many fabrics, colors and sexy designs. Not all work for me. Luckily I am small so most work. I have found that stretchy material of seamless thongs work well. Lace does not work. I enjoy thongs the most, g-strings are heavenly when I find a pair that fits in the frong. I also very much enjoy Brazilian cut and cheekys. I feel extra naughty when they have Victoria Secrets written on them like many of them do. At first I stayed mostly to neutral colors of blacks and blues but found I desired to wear more feminine pinks, corals, animal prints and purples.

Panties are currently the only women’s item I can enjoy wearing everyday. I have gotten rid of the majority of my male underwear, I did keep a couple of the male thongs as they do work well to play sports in. I don’t ever plan on going back to men’s underwear, they just are not exciting and now one of my favorite parts of getting dressed in the morning is picking out what pair of panties I will wear.

Much of this series I am writing will go into this but one of the things about women’s clothing I love is how they are designed to show off the body, they are designed to be sexy, to feel sexy and soft. There is so many options to choose from where most of men’s clothing is very much a like, it is more designed to be just functional and cover the body. Women’s clothing also has conservative options and complete slutty options. I desire to feel naughty and slutty, so I certainly am not choosing from the conservative options.

When you start to wear women’s clothing and it makes you feel sexy, the feel of the fabrics on your body, exploring the different cuts and different fabrics. It gets deliciously addicting.

I am having so much fun purchasing sexy panties for both myself and my wife. Slide a pair on you will love it! I will be a panty wearing male for life.

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