Joys Of A Crossdressing Sissy – Intro

As I sit here writing I am wearing short leopard print scrunch butt shorts with a matching bra and breast inserts. My face is made-up with foundation, concealer, with black eyeshadow, Trophy Wife lipstick and lip contour. I have on black high heels. My body is waxed smooth and sexy.

In a few minutes I will have to take it all off after only an hour and a half dressed feminine. I have spent the last 45 minutes doing laundry. Like everyone – guys and girls, I don’t really enjoy doing laundry day to day. When I am dressed up though I like it. It feels naughty, sexy and fun. It needed to be done, so I dressed to do it. Like the sexy maid fantasy imaged above. Standing in heals, exposed in sexy clothing, it just makes my panties wet from my dripping male member. Maybe I need to get a sexy maids outfit.

I have been working on a piece of writing called the joys of a crossdressing sissy. About how much fun I have been having with my wife’s help the last 6 months. I have realized that I can not write it all out as one post so I will be doing it in parts.

Yes I will still be writing about cuckolding from time to time. I have been writing about cuckolding for many years. The last 6 months of going more deep into my exploration of feminizing myself with my wife’s help I have come to be very content and happy, including happy about my cuckold cravings. These are cravings that will never go away, I will never be able to explain why I desire being a cuckold so much, the fact is it really turns me on when the person I love fucks other men and rubs it in my face. It is her choice if she wants to do it, when and how. I also very much love naughty sex including threesomes and moresomes. I am a deviant, I am insatiable, I am me. I am blessed and so lucky to have a loving partner to share all this with.

So how did I decide I wanted to wear women’s clothing? Actually like cuckolding I don’t really know but I am going to explain how wonderful it has felt to explore being feminine. I will never understand what it is like to be a girl but I now have a better understanding what it is like for me to wear panties, to remove all my hair from my body, the process of learning how to do make-up, women’s clothing not just for my wife but for me, bra’s, breast inserts and the quest for a perfect wig. Organizing my closet with my female and male clothing. Even going out with my wife with make-up and partial women’s clothing on. Yes also the sex.

So far it has been an absolute joy, so much fun.

I now have to go remove my make-up and take off my sexy clothing. It will be replaced with a sexy pair of Victoria Secrets Black Brazilian cut panties covered with a very plain pair of men’s grey shorts, a plain black sports t-shirt with company logo, running socks and sneakers.

Stay tuned as I dive further into the feminization of Josie.

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