A Slutty Outfit

I’ve very drawn to this image. The coral fishnets, strappy body suite, cocked locked up, on all fours, vulnerable, sexy, submissive and slutty.

This is an outfit I’d love to see my wife in, of course without the cage and truthfully it is an outfit I’d love to wear myself. For a highly sexual person like myself there is a huge attraction to being and feeling consensually slutty. Sex feels great and being slutty allows you to enjoy as much sex as you want however you want. There is a lot of power in that, even when giving the keys to someone else.

When I was in my 20’s I played the cocky and fit male, sex was great but very different. I can’t explain it, of course I was younger and more inexperienced in the true pleasures, like anything it is a process of learning throughout life.

The first time I felt slutty, I was tied up in ropes, I wish I had the video that was taken of me, I once did but it is long gone, in a past attempt to forget that part of my sexual past. It took time to tie me up, each detail he must have planned, bounding my wrist to my ankles, wrapping around my chest, ass and privates. An erotic outfit in itself custom created onto my body. To allow yourself to be tied up like this takes trust. I am not sure why I trusted this person, but I felt erotic and slutty. He took pictures and videos again with my consent. I worried about where these pictures would go but my slutty desires made it so I was willing to do anything he asked. He did not ever break my trust, sometimes it is best to go with what feels right in the moment.

It feels good to dress for sex, prepare your body for sex. I of course am very sex positive and I love slutty outfits on myself and on others. It’s good to be slutty.

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