Thank You Bulls

Desperate to have you inside of her, to feel a man’s cock stretch her fill her deep. I love when I watch her get on her knees and beg you for your cock. 

Thank you for showing her what its like to be owned and dominated. For making me submit, licking her pussy as you fuck her from behind. Slapping your large balls in my face, having me lick and suck them, submitting to your cock like she does. I love watching you pound her tight little pussy, stretching her out with your big cock, giving her what I can’t, reminding her what it is like to be fucked by a real alpha man. 

When my wife and I begin this journey, I was turned on by the thought of my wife fucking guys like you. I didn’t know why, it just made me hard thinking about it, role-playing with toys with her. I didn’t know I was a cuckold, inadequate to give her such sexual pleasure until I watched her pinned doggy style in the sex club. It started as a threesome, then you took her, you fucked her to mind-blowing orgasms. You fucked my brain, brought me to my knees and gave me fear I’ve never felt before. I felt jealous, it was perfectly natural.  She wanted you to fuck her, she needed you, you penetrated her, she loved it, I could see it in her face. 

It turned me on. I knew I was a cuckold that day going forward. I still think about that night today. You were not the first man she had sex with while married to me, but you were the first to cuckold me.

I love how thrilled she gets when you come to our front door. The eagerness of her passionate kiss with you, the quickness of her naked on her knees taking you into her mouth. Experiencing her exceptional goddess mouth. Thank you for giving her the pleasure she needs. 

I love that you want her, how you want to fuck my wife, how you dominate her and me. When you are around she wants you to fuck her so badly. It drives me crazy watching you do to her what I’d love to do. I love how you finger her until she is squirting!!! 
Your cock, wipes her mind of thoughts. Long, thick, throbbing, reaching places inside of her mine will never go. It makes me feel insecure, it turns me on too. I am a cuckold after all. This is what I want, this is what I fantasies about. I want you to fuck my wife and give her mind-blowing orgasms. 

She wants you, her body bucks to have you inside her, filling her. I watch you slide inside and out of her, your large balls pressing against her, giving her exactly what she needs. Thank you for making her moan, taking her to a place of pure bliss. 

Thank you for cuckolding me. It has been life changing, another man making her cum. Filling her with your cum so I can clean it out of her to reclaim her as my hotwife. You give her the fucking I can’t and she’s blissfully happy. She lust for a bulls cock and when she gets it it is beautiful. 

I realized a long time ago I can’t provide her with everything she needs in the bedroom, she needs more, someone else to give it to her. She needs it and it is my greatest pleasure as a loving husband for her to have it. 

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy moments like these. Submissively cooking you two dinner while she is being overwhelmed with lust. Watching her be taken by a man, a man with a big cock. A dominant male filling her, fucking her, bringing her to the kind of climaxes that I desire her to have but can’t provide.

Thank you for letting me watch and participate. To vicariously experience her pleasure, being forced to be submissive and getting a taste for myself of her pleasure. 

It’s my craving, my dream situation. Her glamorous, gorgeous, and dressed in smoking hot lingerie for another man. His cock buried inside her from behind as she looks right at me. Her moaning for you, screaming your name and telling you how good it feels as the sounds echo of your hips slamming into her as as you bury your cock in her pussy.

I admit I want this. I love that she will fuck you anywhere, on the kitchen table, the back of your car, in a bathroom at the mall. I have embraced that my cock is too small for her, yes, I make her cum and give her great pleasure but I can’t make her cum like she needs, I can’t make her cum like you can.

She makes me cum so hard. I want to be a cuckold, I deserve to be a cuckold and she deserves to fuck you whenever she wants. She will always love me, I trust you know you are part of our relationship. Fill her up and I will go down on her. She needs cock. Please fuck my wife. 

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