Often when I think of my sexuality, I feel I have insecurities, some of these insecurities are self imposed and some are just what I was naturally equipped with. Once my wife and I accepted to openly discuss that I would never be able to satisfy her sexual needs completely was a big step for us.

She was able to accept me as I am and I was able to stop trying to be something I am not. Once we introduced cuckolding everything fell into place for us. We are both more attentive and loving and are both able to enjoy sexual pleasure we both were longing for.

Cuckolding was not her idea and she never has wanted to humiliate me. It has been a natural progression over many years from being turned on by the thought of her being with well hung dominant men to realizing we were bringing my insecurities to light.

In this case size matters. I believe a woman can make do without big cock, my wife does often for long stretches of time. There are plenty of ways for her to cum while we make love. Me stimulating her clit while we fuck, us rubbing our clits (my little dick and her clit) together, me licking her, using cock sheaths and larger toys, loving and caring for each-other.

There is no question though, I have seen it in person and she no longer is hesitant to tell me, big cock just feels better. She tells me it is the fullness, how it fills her, stimulates her.

I love for my wife to have big cock, I’d never want it any other way. It is interesting reading the caption of the image above because for me, the first time I put on panties, they felt perfect, and at the same time was a conformation of my small penis.

I am not sure if it is insecurities or not but wearing women’s clothing to me feels sexy and submissive, my body fits into them well, makes me feel more sensual, less dominant.

When I step into the pretty pink thong and pull them up my legs. The soft material feels heavenly against my skin. It’s the same thing every time I put on a pair. I can’t help but wonder why more men don’t want to wear women’s underwear.

My favorite part is when they come to rest against my cock, balls, and ass. They feel perfect. My little dick feels tucked in so tight. It feels like my testicles are being cradled by the softest material known to man. I now have a drawer full of panties and only still own a few men’s pairs.

I have discussed in the past how I am actually a fairly dominant male in my everyday life at work and in sports.

I think there is some truth at least in my case where my small cock makes me even more attracted to cuckolding. I am not sure why, I just know it throbs when I picture a huge cock pushing in and out of my wife.

Like me wearing panties, her enjoying a man’s large cock just seems natural to me. Sometimes my insecurities get the best of me though. Lately she has been making me cum in her hand while I rub my cock on her clit. I am not going to lie at these times, I wonder if I should even get to feel the inside of her pussy that I love so much. I imagine being cuckolded and the pleasure for me is just as intense as the pleasure the girl above is feeling. I like making love to her like girl, yet I do still yearn to be inside her for my pleasure. I have gone back and forth in my head about denial, I don’t ever want to be denied her pussy, yet at the same time I know I always want her pussy to have more when I’m inside of her. Insecurities. Chastity.

I think guys with less than average size dicks get off on this! I know I do. It brings out our submissive nature. When I watch my wife getting fucked like this, I am happy it is another man, what I really want to do is lick her ass, kiss her, show her how much I love her. I have insecurities and admiration for both of them. My cock is in panties, his big cock is satisfying her, filling her up as he fucks her. She can fuck anyone she wants and I’ll always be faithful. I’m her little dick cuckold husband and that alone makes me cum.

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