The Slutty Wife

Don’t feel guilty that you need more than I can give. I am your perfect husband your soulmate and I always knew you would need more sexually.

I enjoy giving you the most amazing orgasms, stimulating your clit while I fuck you, licking you and doing so many dirty things to your body. Using toys to enhance our bedtime play, fucking you with my mind. This I am good at but we both know although that you have fun playing with my little clit. I am an alpha man on the outside but gifted with tools sexually to be more submissive inside.

Don’t feel guilty, though. It’s okay to want bigger cock, a dominant man to pin you down and fuck you doggy style. To want to be filled with a long, thick cock and fucked to mind blowing orgasms.

I knew you were a slutty woman, you knew I am a slutty filthy man. I love that you have no guilt. You allow your pussy to be filled and stretched and fucked to your desires and pleasure.

I have embraced being a cuckold husband. I love to feel like a cuckold. It makes me happy. Getting to clean your cum-filled pussy is a reward, a treat, something that makes my cock throb and fills my fantasies and cravings.

You are are the perfect slutty wife. I like knowing that your sexual needs are taken care of by me and other man. I like knowing that I no longer have to worry about it. I don’t have to be nervous that I’m not making you feel as good as you deserve to feel when I fuck you. We know that their dicks give you exactly what you crave. You know they fuck you better than I do. You know that you cum every time big cock pounds into you. That you find deep, total satisfaction in submission.

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