The Dominant Bull

It’s taken a while to get to this place. Sometimes sexual decisions are unconscious they play a role back in the brain without you really knowing why, desires, kinks, fetishes.

I like my wife dominated sexually by other men. These are my cuckold desires. With them have come some angst, mental turmoil, questions of why? These were not text I put in place for my wife, my greatest desire even during these roller coasters were for her always to continue. To continue to cuckold me.

Here spending evenings with another male dominating her sexually and showing her the kind of pleasure she’d always dreamed of.

I’ve watched as he dominated my wife. I’ve watch as she submitted to another man and achieved the kinds of orgasms she deserved. I’ve watch as he did things to her that I’d never done before.

It was those sessions that convinced me that he truly did give her something I couldn’t provide. Again, it was more than just his big cock. It was the way he used it. It is the way he possesses my wife. It is the way he helped her embrace her submissive side and experience the incredible sexual highs that came with doing so.

She has been with many men, and will be with more, but I never did pinpoint why this one was so appealing to me.

Even in the beginning he had me collared. His messages to us, the way I reacted, how I felt I would do just about anything he said.

He likes being in control. We’ve played so many nights and it seemed the desires were for him to teach her to dominate me, to submit to my wife. I have already submitted to my wife, she is my world, my goddess, my lifelong love.

It was him who I needed to submit too. That was the unconscious link that had not yet been connected yet it was always dangling in my face.

My wife slowly got me there. Taking her mouth off of her cock she told me to give it a try. As his cock slipped into my mouth the connection was instant and powerful I felt the submission in every bone of my body, coursing through me. I felt weak in the most satisfying way possible. I had felt this way once before in my life and with my wife there this time it has been life changing.

The power of large cock on a dominant man is overwhelming. My wife allowing me to submit with her a great gift that has made us both happy.

She loves the new me, the slutty Josie. I’m submissive just like she is. I crave to feel submissive and she craves big cock. Luckily I have cuckold cravings.

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