The Coming Out Of Josie

His fat and hairless testicles began to rise. My wife parted her lips. I watched in pleasurable anguish. Her delicate hand, nails perfectly manicured, floated from her lap towards his cock. I saw blood rush to the head, darkening the pink flesh. Veins rose along the length. She lifted her eyes to his as I awkwardly stared at his cock and her lips. Leaning forward she kissed the swelling head, her rosy lips kissing him, her dainty tongue tracing a circle around the head ready to sink her mouth onto his smoldering shaft. Glancing at me giving me a knowing smiles, his cock is so big, thick as her wrist. Aroused, cuckolded, I feel small and enjoy it. 

I’ve never been able to get out of my own head as much as I enjoy it. To understand my turn-on of being a cuckold. 

What am I, am I gay, bi, heteroflexible? I am not gay I am very much attracted to women and the one I am lifetime head over heels for and that is my sexy beautiful wife.

There was a time in my past, I had similar cravings to cuckold cravings. Prior to ever being cuckolded, I had cock cravings. I thought even though I allowed myself to be taken by another man I was still straight. I was confused. I did not want the people I loved to know what I was doing when I snuck off to be with the same sex. To be bottomed.  I found myself craving it like cuckolding but also agonizing over it like cuckolding.

Strange as it might sound, it was the feeling of being sexually desired and used that was a turn on for me. As a guy I also turned my fantasies and turn-ons to loving women that also like to be sexually used. There is a difference in feelings as a man having sex with a female. You are penetrating her, yes she desires you, is also using you for pleasure but you are on top, you are the one inside her body. 

I very much like watching my wife fuck other men, dominant men, with big cocks. I like pleasuring my wife, licking her and loving her before and after. I have always had a fascination with the female sex and and admiration of the sexual pleasures they are able capable to receive.

Am I just submissive, desire humiliation, the need to feeling sexually inadequate? 

I thought this might be it, the fact is noone wants to feel inadequate even with a small penis. We all want to feel needed, loved and sexy. This was a dangerous road to travel yet like any road opens up your eyes to see further into yourself. 

Then there is crossdressing. The first time I slid on a pair of pantyhose, I purchased online, many years ago. The feeling on my skin felt sexy, made me feel sexy. I did not have any conflicting thoughts in this experimentation. Although I did not seek it too much further beyond curiosity. 

I’m a shopaholic, I love purchasing my wife sexy clothing, the fabrics, the tightness on her body, how sexy she looks in the items I pick for her. How could I not too try these on from time to time, to feel them on my skin, to feel the tightness on my body, what it might be like to be in her shoes. An innocent little secret. Something that wasn’t sexual and didn’t hurt anyone. Just some fun home alone. No connection I did not think to my cuckolding desires.

Did she know? Or was it part of trying to help me feel submissive that she purchased me a pair of male panties. The first time I put them on, sexy tight boy briefs, I loved them, I also knew I wanted a thong. 

Was it strange when I told her I loved the new underwear that she purchased me and I would love to go skimpier with a thong? Then from the male thong, I instantly knew going forward I really never wanted to wear men’s underwear again I wanted women’s panties. I love the fabric, the feel of the floss in the crack of my ass, how my small cock and balls fit so perfectly in them, a sexy feeling. 

At this point I couldn’t hide my desires to wear women’s clothing. Unlike cuckolding, unlike being with other men, this was not anything that has caused me conflicting thoughts. It has brought clarity to all the above. An understanding of my wife’s desires for sexual variety as well as my own. My wife is powerfully sexy. She oozes sex appeal. Unintentionally I may have been living vicariously through her pleasure, conflicted in my own mind, I was supposed to feel humiliation, supposed to feel submissive, yet this was all my decision.  I helped set the wheels in motion for my wife to be a Hotwife.

I don’t lick her used pussy for any negative reason, yet I was placing a negative mindset to it. I lick her used pussy because I love to, I love the taste, the wetness, the freshness of just having another man’s cock in it, if I’m lucky another mans cum in it. I love her being sexually desired by other men and how that feels. It has also given me an understanding and more respect for women and the effort they go through everyday to look and feel their best. Why do men not go through this same effort? 

Another skeleton out of the closet. Honestly I was not ready for my wife to be so accepting of me crossdressing yet she has quickly, faster than I would have done on my own brought out the Josie in me. 

Her helping feminize me has been so much fun – Clothing, Shoes, Make-Up, a Wig, taking me out to our local upscale gay neighborhood. Josie is bisexual, has a hot body, small little clit and loves to have fun. Josie is very happy in her sexuality. Josie is me of course. A caring, passionate, giving and hones person. A proud slut, after-all we are all sexual in nature. Why do we repress it? I am not qualified to answer. Through me experience I think we may tend to suppress ourselves more than we allow ourselves to blossom. When I’m dressed in women’s clothes I feel sexy and that is a good thing.   

3 thoughts on “The Coming Out Of Josie

  1. OOOhh YES !! I dooo sooo Understand yout feeliings and response…… I am the same…… and…. I LOVE…..We are truly blessed….. Go with the flow…. Warmest hugs sweet kisses…..teddi


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