Awakening To Accepting

I have always sort of locked myself up in my sexual desires. When I let myself out it is always fun. When I’m in my head, it can at times feel as if I am self tormented. I am a kinky man by nature, filthy sexual thoughts flood me, but innocent and non threatening to anyone.

I get off on people being slutty, it is a turn on for me. Sex I believe is a natural part of us. Part voyeuristic, part masochistic, part alpha, part beta, feminine and masculine, straight and Heteroflexibile, cuckold, sissy, a filthy slut.

My wife, thank her heart has helped let me out. Has cuckolded me, lightly feminized me and given me the pleasure of erotic humiliation. She has helped guide me to sexual pleasures I never could imagine experiencing. For my recent birthday she gave me a very large butt plug, women clothing, make-up and even planned a night of MFM sex. God I love her so much! The perfect sex goddess.

Where can we take this sexual ride that I never want to stop? She has let me out, can I ever fully let myself out…. It will be so much fun, it will be the best gift I can give her in return.

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