The Sissification A Cuckold

I have the most wonderful wife in the world, sexy, caring, and fun. Sissification is from my understanding is just a more derogatory term for feminization. Like cuckolding vs hotwife. Like both I don’t know why I choose to use the more derogatory term and find it more sexually stimulating.

I feel I probably always had some sissy in me but certainly never thought of myself as feminine or imagined myself experimenting with feminization.

I find I am always in my head, no matter what I do sexually. My wife sexually accepts me more than I ever will sexually accept myself. Can I ever really sexually accept my dirty filthy mind? I don’t think I can, but I can enjoy it.

The feminization process of my cuckolding has actually been more enjoyable than ever imagined. It started with me sharing with my wife that I had been with a man in the past. It now has transcended into me enjoying wearing women’s panties most of the time, dressing in sexy women lingerie, wearing butt plugs and even having my wife peg me. We have bi-sexual threesome fantasies together and I have even sucked a cock with my wife. This weekend my wife even decided to put make-up on me.

If you have never sucked a cock with your wife, I do recommend it, it is very hot, sexually stimulating and brings you together on a whole new level.

The make-up was fun. I was actually more nervous about taking this step than anything we had done yet. Part of me felt I would look like a clown. It was just not something I had ever desired to do, to wear make-up. I enjoyed my wife putting make-up on me, she did a great job, made me look feminine but pretty. She did this on Friday night and I was dying to do it again on Saturday and Sunday night but I did not communicate this. Today I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

No matter how far we push it, the more further I am willing to go and the more sexually satisfied I am. Is it sexually satisfying for my wife to have a cuckold sissy husband? I will probably never accept that it is but again my wife sexually accepts me more than I ever will sexually accept myself and she if perfect for me.

I like the closeness my wife and I have in each-other. My soul-mate. I have felt more close to her lately but more in a feminine way, it is hard to explain, I just enjoy her touch and our soft bodies against each-other. Not that, this was not always there, it is just different, softer. I like the effort she puts in to be a woman and I love how loving she it to me and my kinky sides.

I have to run, but will revisit this topic again.

2 thoughts on “The Sissification A Cuckold

  1. I like being a sub sissy-fem cd bimale cuckold and want to be more sissy-fem and want to have larger tits and smaller cock and feel more female.


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