She Flirts Openly

I’ve fantasized about this often. Being out with my wife, around people we know, having a fun night on the town. A perfect stranger notices her attraction, sees the naughty smile she gives him, giving him confidence to flirt with her. They flirt openly, brush their hands on each-others body. Discreetly, but not for those paying attention. A look at me, a guilty smile, as she leans her head onto him. They embrace hands and walk off. She a sexy hotwife, the mother of my kids, and tonight she will feel her desired pleasure from another man, while giving me the pleasure of being a cuckold.

2 thoughts on “She Flirts Openly

  1. One of the most arousing experiences of my life was when my girlfriend got drunk at a party and I witnessed how she gave a handjob to another guy. She didn’t notice me being in the same room as they were kissing, when she greedily unzipped his trousers, took out his hard dick and I saw her beautiful hand jerking his dick till he ejaculated.


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