After The Party

My wife met him just minutes after we arrived at the party tonight. She latched on to him quickly, and rarely left his side as the evening progressed. Anyone who didn’t know better would have assumed that they were a couple, and that I was there solo. But almost everyone there did know better….they were couples that my wife and I had known for years.

She’s been getting bolder and bolder about cuckolding me, and tonight she took it a step further. When the party began to break up, she was still with him. She let me know, in front of everyone, that he was going to give her a ride in his new convertible. I smiled, and nodded an okay, and walked to our car alone. They were right behind me, talking and laughing together intimately as they strolled to his car.

I went home, laid in my bed, and waited. Visions of what they were doing crowded my head, and I stroked myself as I pictured him fucking her. After a couple of hours, I heard the door open, and wondered if she’d brought him home.

She hadn’t. She walked in, and her messy hair and disheveled dress signaled that my visions had been accurate. I wanted to ask, but something about the way she looked at me made me hesitate.

She opened her purse and took out her panties, tossing them on the bed. She lifted her dress up over her head, and off, her eyes locked on mine. Naked and gorgeous, she climbed onto the bed with me, and crawled over to where I lay, still stroking. She swung her leg over my head, pausing to give me a good look at her pink, puffy pussy. Then she slowly lowered herself on to my face, and silently gave me the answers to my unstated questions. I licked and nibbled, sucking her clitoris, and brought her to her first orgasm with me…after many of the night.

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