The pleasures of cuckolding

My love, I got you a gift I whispered with a nervous stutter. It  was the one time in our relationship I was not completely confident, how could I be? I was giving her the gift of an opportunity to explore herself sexually with others.  “What is this?” She smiled as I handed her an envelope and rubbed her body with oil. She propped herself up on her elbows, opened the envelope and read. It was a weekend trip by herself to a lifestyle resort, a place to relax by the pool and see where her desires would take her.  It was a weekend hall pass to do anything she wanted.

Will you go I asked? Without hesitation she smiled, said yes and started to kiss me passionately.

Cuckolding is more mental than physical and I believe it takes a truly strong man to become his true submissive self, a submissive male. There is a constant reminder that you don’t have completely what it takes to fulfill your wife in bed. It’s not your fault it is just the truth of reality.

I love my wife madly, more than anything in the world, she loves me back the same. Our sex life even before cuckolding has always been mind-blowing, adventurous and exciting. We both liked it spicy and it is not surprising in only a short time together after marriage vanilla wouldn’t be enough.

We were both eager to sexually submit, but submit to what? As a young couple we didn’t know. Neither of us knew anything about cuckolding, swinging, or open relationships. She had tasted sexual submission before and so I had I.

She needed to be dominated, sexually. At least from time to time. She needed more than less than average in cock size. I could dominate her, I could give her more than average with toys. We played and played this way, neither knowing or communicating we were willing to have more. Much of it was me playing a role, doing everything I could to please the woman I love. It was perfect but not me.

I am capable of being dominant in an out of the bedroom but I prefer to be a loving husband, kind gentle and sweet to my goddess. Her best friend and number one cheerleader, a man that will help her have everything she desires.

It didn’t happen overnight, in fact it has almost been a decade, but our marriage has changed drastically after that honest night when I committed to being a cuckold. We didn’t refer to it that way at first. Hotwife, swingers, open couple. Neither of us really knew what a cuckold was, and didn’t know at the time that my place is as a submissive cuckold husband to both her and the men that provide her with astonishingly pleasurable orgasms she and I craves.

She came home from that first weekend away at the sexclub with bruises on her ass, her breasts and a look of deep satisfaction on her face. She told me every detail while bringing me to orgasms like I had never felt before in my life. I was hooked.

Over the years, our actions were training me to accept the notion of being a submissive husband that loves the idea of his wife being with other men. ACCEPT being the key word.

The first time I watched her with a truly dominant man, I had set it up. We were both so excited, she comfortable in her new sexual role and me thinking I was. Watching her submit turned out to be an intense experience. There was no question being with this dominant man turned her on. I was baffled and turned on at the same time. Then I was jealous and angry as angst hit me. More than anything I was scared, scared I had lost my wife to this man who could clearly fuck her so much better than me. It was my doing, hard, turned on and confused, I left, I ran like a little bitch no longer able to face my fears. Upset I didn’t understand it, I didn’t understand why this was all such a turn on for me, why I was a cuckold! Downstairs I prepared to spend the night alone while she was ravished by another man, sick in the head this is what I wanted. I wanted her to return to me but  I did not want her to stop fucking this man because of me. A mess in my head, words can only be almost incoherent to explain.

My love of my life did come back to me. Her too with upset and with tears in her eyes. She never wanted to hurt me, this is not fun if it is not fun for both of us together she told me.

This would not be the first time I would face my own sexual demons and I would beg her to do it again and again. Yes I wanted her to have mind blowing sex, which at the same time gave me sexual gratification.

We experimented and learned and then we met someone that made it so clear to me. Life has changed dramatically, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The days of feeling embarrassed that it took another man to sexually satisfy my wife have pass. I have come to accept that one man can’t possibly be everything his wife needs. I give her everything I can but come up a little short in one department. It is not the life I ever thought I’d live, but it’s so much more pleasurable than I ever imagined it would be.

His message to me on lifestyle lounge was “what are you waiting for, I am exactly the person you are looking for”.

I took his orders right from the start without much hesitation. What he new about me is something my wife and I had not realized was the missing element to our spicy relationship. He knew my wife enjoyed mindblowing sex outside of our relationship and I loved for her to have it. He knew something else though, yes she is a submissive slut. No there is more he knew, I an outwardly dominant husband eager to submit sexually myself, to my goddess wife and any man she is with.

There’s still nothing better than when I get to watch and play with my wife and her bulls. My submission to them has deepened as the month and years have gone by. No I can’t imagine my sex life without cuckolding, and dominant men giving my wife the submissive pleasures and variety she craves.

The days of feeling embarrassed that it took another man to sexually satisfy my wife and my cuckold cravings have passed. I was kind enough to let her her be sexually free and she kind enough to accept and be supportive of my sexuality. Now I wear womens panties everyday, I put on a chastity device and spend some hours of my day with a butt plug in my ass. I worship her pussy regularly, I am the most sexually fulfilled and free myself than I have ever been, my wife and I are closer than ever and although it has been close to a decade since we started, I still feel excitement like we are really just beginning our true sexual journey.  

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