I Love My Hotwife

My wife is my number one fantasy period. And she knows it.  The reason she is my number one fantasy is not just because she is the love of my life but because she is highly sexual. I also love how she is strong, intelligent, yet loves the feel of being dominated by another man the same way I view her as a dominant woman.

I knew the first time she had sex with another man after we were married I was addicted to her more than a typical marriage. This is the thing about being a cuckold. Her lust for sex is an astonishing sight and I like the idea of her out of control and seductive. I crave it almost daily. 

As a husband who loves a sexual wife, the word cuckold just makes my cock hard.  I do things that other husbands don’t, yes sexually, but respectfully, honor, support and trust.  I also love to shop for my Hotwife. I buy her jewelry, clothes, and lingerie that I know will make her feel confident, sexy, and professional. I purchase her underwear, bras, dresses, work attire, tanks, swimsuits as well. I truly enjoy it.  I do it because I want her to always look her best. I do it because I enjoy it, and because I see an outgoing, confident, fun, sexy, and seductive woman.

I am proudly married to a HotWife!

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