Although much of the cuckolding fetish is betrayed as harsh and mean, in reality this is not the case for me. Much because I have a loving kind wife, but still cuckolding has always been attractive to me. In all honesty when my fantasies began I was not aware of cuckolding or a hotwife. It just was not well know then. I sought it out because of my fantasies and my turn-ons I was and have about my wife.

As we have progressed other aspects have also been attractive such as erotic humiliation, small penis teasing and feminization. I don’t know why this umbrella of sexual kinks/fetishes turns me on. I have decided it is best not to question it and to embrace it as part of me and be happy with it. Certainly most falls under being sexually submissive. I can switch between sexual submissive and dominant as I am a strong man but sexually submissive is more natural and more pleasurable for me. I do love pleasuring my wife, so if I sometimes need to be dominant, it is also my pleasure to help give her what she likes.

I think the desire to be feminized is in itself a desire to be sexualized. Having someone else help take control of that process comes with an understanding that submission leads to pleasure. Accepting one’s role as provider of sexual gratification for others allows for a deeper connection between arousal and satisfaction.

My wife and I joke we are both filthy naughty little sluts. I won’t speak for her, but I clearly do enjoy our sex life and expanding the ways of how we experience it.

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