A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

I don’t know if my wife gets cravings for other men’s cocks the same way I get cuckold cravings? I know she loves me and loves to be intimate with me as I do with her. We both make each-other cum and certainly have given each-other mind-blowing orgasms.

I was reading an erotic story the other day that got me thinking. The story is about a girlfriend who cheats on her boyfriend she is recently engaged to seeking a mind-blowing orgasm. She communicated prior to ever cheating on him that she felt like she had never experienced a true mind-blowing orgasm. She loves him with all her heart but is worried about marrying him young and not getting to experience everything she desires sexually.

He understood and did his best to give her what she desired. He was successful making her cum and put in the extra effort to make her cum hard using massage, his tongue, fingers and toys. He just couldn’t get it done as well with his own cock. She loved him with all her heart, wanted to spend her life with him but decided she was not going to be able to be a faithful wife.

Long story short she gets her mind-blowing orgasm when she fucks one of her co-workers who is well endowed. When she confronts her dilemma she knows she will never have a long term relationship with this new man, but can’t live a life without her sexual needs being fully fulfilled.

Of course this is a cuckold story with a happy ending, so she tells her fiancé she has cheated on him. He is upset, not angry and she can see the desire in his eye. They make love with his knowledge she was just unfaithful, and he too orgasms to the thought of his wife’s infidelity like he has never cum before.

“I told him every little dirty detail of what I did with another man and watching it make him cum like he’s never cum before. Now he’s having mind-blowing orgasms. He’s gotten even better at going down on me too. He knows I’m here, he wants me to come back with a dirty story about how you fucked me until I came so hard I couldn’t walk.” She couldn’t believe the stroke of good fortune that had come her way. She got to fuck big cock and then go home to a boyfriend that was equally ravenous for her precisely because she’d fucked someone else. She still wanted to marry him, but she needed him to accept that she wasn’t going to be a faithful wife. She was going to cuckold him. She was going to have other men help to meet her sexual needs, or at least her need for big cock. In doing so she was also meeting his sexual needs.

He was defiantly a cuckold, he gets off on his lady fucking other men. This is the funny thing about cuckolding when a husband is truly a cuckold. Like me a man that likes his wife to fuck a guy with a bigger cock. A man who finds the idea of someone else’s cock making his wife cum harder wildly arousing.

They marry of course and live a life of mind-blowing orgasms. This story is fantasy of course but for some it also has touches of reality.

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