Feminization Of A Cuckold

It is an understatement that I like to explore my sexuality and am very open minded sexually. Over 7 years ago my wife and I chose through our sexual actions to explore cuckolding. Cuckolding has always been a huge turn on for me for various reasons. There has been up and downs with many more ups during our journey. I can’t be more thankful to my goddess wife for exploring this with me, I am grateful everyday she is a sexy little slut.  

For me there was a lot of inner conflict with my sexuality and accepting my sexual kinks as an okay part of who I am. As much as cuckolding was a fantasy that I wanted to be reality I was very conflicted mentally. Today it is more than okay, with my wife’s help she has been able to set me sexually free from worry and fully enjoy the highs of sex in all different varieties. Swinging, Cuckolding, MMF threesomes, as well as accepting past experimentation I had with a male as an enjoyable experience. My wife is my sexual goddess and my number one fantasy. It seems with her as we push our sexuality that every new experience is mind blowing.

As of late I have been exploring my femininity through cross dressing. Like many of my kinks I am not quite sure where this one comes from, I do know that when I shared giving a man a blow job with her, it felt very feminine, sissy, yet was very hot and enjoyable. I liked the feeling of submitting and doing a sexual act that I identify as what a woman would do.

At the end of the day I consider myself very masculine and am not looking to rid myself of my masculinity. As an escape into sexuality I find light feminization enjoyable, sexy and fun. Especially with my twinsy wife. I believe my wife and I actually are very much alike when it comes to sex and the enjoyment of slutty, filthy naughty sex. I feel truly content with myself sexually, which is a wonderful place be. I have absolutely no more shame and take pride in what my wife and I are able to enjoy together. Together we get to experience sex through the broad spectrum of human sexuality and I am more happier for it. We get to continue to experiment and grow sexually, a wonderful thing.

I went shopping with my wife at Victoria Secrets for panties for both of us.

My wife has slowly feminized me unintentionally. I don’t blame her, possibly she saw it in me or it is just part of the man she wants. She purchased me sexy men underwear and sexy mens lounge pants. Although these are made for men they are very feminine and closely resemble women’s clothing. My eagerness to continue to go skimpier and skimpier certainly has progressed this forward. Why not just women clothing?

They feel sexy, highlight my features, my ass, my small penis, larger sized balls, long lean legs. I enjoy wearing these men’s clothes she has purchased me. When I slid on a pair of Victoria Secrets panties for the first time it was the same feeling the first time I shaved my full body. I felt more sexy, a bit feminine, more confident. Shopping at Victoria Secrets with her, was so much fun! We truly are best friends.

I have alway loved shopping for sexy women’s clothing for my wife. I often find myself on websites including BEBE, Guest, Fashion Nova, and  Stuart Weitzman browsing their selection looking at the models and thinking how  my wife will look in the clothing in the catalogs. So much hotter than the models. I  purchase her the bulk of her clothing and I would not want it any other way. 

I had never imagined myself in a pair of thigh highs, matching black thong and a lace mask making love to my wife. Using large toys on her penetrating her body as I rub my soft skin and fabric on her. It was so hot! 

How far will we go? Time will tell, like I said I do not have any desire to lose my masculinity. I will continue to wax my legs and wear women’s panties underneath my men’s clothing. It completes the missing piece of my cuckolding. A need to feel sexual every day. To feel just a little naughty and slutty. Not all men or women want to feel this way. I just happen to be one of them.

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