Good Cucky

This has been an amazing week in my cuckolding journey that started about 7 years ago. A text from the wife Monday while I’m at work “which plug are you going to wear tomorrow”. She had plans to see her bull and she wanted me to know it and be anxious for my cuckolding. She has learned what turns me on.

I started the day with a smaller plug, then after it fell out of my naughty ass, I gave it a rest and switched to a large gold jeweled plug. It felt so risque lightly having to fuck this sex toy in my ass so I could wear it the rest of the day, feeling full and pleasured as my thoughts stayed focus on my sexy wife and the evening of cuckolding to cum.

In a group message her and her bull continued to playfully taunt me about what they had planned, even discussing how for the night they should only call me subby or cucky. There playful taunts had me instinctively pushing my ass down into my chair moving in a rocking motion to feel the plug deep in me as my cock lightly dripped cum into my male thong. They were pushing all the right buttons and I did not know how to respond to them so I only responded to myself.

I left early to go home and clean the house. On my way I stopped at a sex-shop to purchase her a sexy outfit for the night. A see through nighty which she later paired with fishnet stockings and heels completing her sex goddess look.  

Fast forward to 8pm things get hot and heavy the moment he enters our home. My wife is just as into this as I am and we have tried to fully accept her and my sluttness. It has been over a month and she needs to feel his hands all over her, feel his kiss and more so she needs his cock.

There is always a slight awkward feeling I get when I watch them play, not sure what I should do – stand and stare, sit and watch, take my clothes off, jack off, join in. My mind is flooded with thoughts of no matter. They are not at that moment concerned with what I do, this quickly changes.

“You should show cucky how he should suck my cock”

This was not a surprise to me, the last time we played I got a taste of his cock at my wifes request and her knowledge of my interest to re-explore this side of sex for me. I shared kissing her with his cock pressed between our lips and lightly sucking him. I was not sure if he was truly comfortable with it and to be honest was hesitant to show my eagerness to him and my wife. Something I regretted after out last play.

I pulled my clothes off and crawled close to her. I watched in awe as my wife eagerly sucked his cock and demonstrated how a true slut plays with cock. She licked up and down getting it nice and wet, sucked on his balls and licked up the shaft as she guided her hands perfectly up and down his long thick hot shaft. She took him in her mouth giving him an incredible blowjob. She looked me in the eyes “lick his balls while I suck him” I did as I was told taking his large balls into my hands and bringing my mouth down to lick and suck them. Slow and hesitant at first. I then pulled up and kissed my wife as she pressed his warm fleshed cock to my lips. I had watched a video earlier in the day of tips on how to give a good blowjob and I tried to remember what I had learned and mimicked what she was doing. I sucked on the head like a lollipop, licked up and down the shaft getting him nice and wet then returning him to my mouth to try and take him deeper. No longer hesitant, now in full cock lust a feeling I had not felt for so many years.

I kissed her again as he spoke up and told her to teach me how to take him deeper. She took over now putting a show on for me. She swallowed his cock over and over fucking her pretty face with it like a greedy cock hungry slut. I remember calling her greedy in my head as she know longer was sharing, I could see her desire to pleasure this man in her face, her desire to have his cock. Fuck me…. I had the same desire and was being greedy wanting and waiting my turn. I did get my turn and was so eager to take him all the way down my throat and deep throat his cock like my wife deep throats men. I tried but came up choking with my eyes watering in cock heaven.

How do women do this? They put so much effort in pleasing their man and so much sexual skill. All men should worship their woman. What she does for you is truly amazing.

Fuck me!!! My goddess screamed as she rode on top of her lover spreading her legs being speared by his cock.

“He feels so good! I love fucking him!”

“Can cucky fuck you like this” he says

“No! No! He can’t… keep fucking me”

I am so hard and turned on watching them, her pussy looks perfect taking his large cock, she looks built to fuck him and every man she wants. I love the dirty talk, the truth feels good.

He pulls out “suck her juices off my cock cucky” I instantly sink to my knees and suck his cock again, this time I get him deeper but still can’t deep throat “He’s getting to be a pretty good cocksucker!” he says as my wife giggles “did you hear that cucky?” I am in cuckold heaven listening to them while sucking his cock. I then guide it back into her pussy and he fucks her to another orgasm and pulls back out for me to suck him again. We do this over and over again.

“It’s time for cucky’s reward” he says while impaled in her pussy “he has been so good tonight tell him to put his cock in you and fuck your pussy with me”. He wants me to double penetrate her pussy with him one of my wife’s favorite positions. I am harder than I have ever been in a threesome, sucking a man’s cock must have made me comfortable enough to fully perform.

I push both of our cocks together and enter her pussy from behind. His shaft feels warm, I’m a bit more intuned, possibly because my wife asked me in the past how it feels to for me to double penetrate her and possibly because I’m a bit more focused on his cock tonight. She feels wet and hot and we fuck her in unison bringing her to more earth shaking orgasims.

The night is still early, yet we have sexually gone so far. I did not suck his cock again but he fucked her in every position while either she sucked my cock or I licked her pussy while he fucked her. At one point she was on her back I was behind her head, her leaning back sucking me. I held her legs spread while he gave her the cock she needed tonight. For the first time I can remember I felt jealous but a different kind of jealousy, there was no angst, anger or malice, I guess it was more envy. She looked perfect taking two cocks, so natural, so slutty. I wanted to be her, to be allowed to be so fully used, penetrated, invaded with sexual pleasure, as much as I was loving to fuck her I was envious of her being able to be so slutty and  also so happy for her.

Then there I was at the end of the evening on my back sucking on her clit while he fucked her hard and fast slapping sound echoing in our room as he pounded against her ass, his balls slapping against my face. Fucking her with one goal, to fill her full with his cum. His grunts and moans loudened as his body contracted. In a moment he slipped out, I was not sure if he was going to pump my mouth full of his cum or not. He then slipped back in and unloaded inside my goddess wife. Finishing, he slowly pulling out his cock, out of her pussy across my face, she leaned back so she could use my face to bring her to one more orgasm,  to clean her pussy like a cum slut drinking his cum from her sloppy pussy. My face was covered in their juices, I devoured her pussy. During this day my ass was penetrated, my mouth was penetrated and I drank her and another mans cum. She allowed me to be so slutty and I loved it! It felt so natural, I have had cuckold cravings, now she has truly awakened the slut in me. I hope she is ready.

I finished my load inside her while we kissed and made love reclaiming our married sex life. I have the perfect goddess wife. I am one happy and lucky cucky!

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