Wow A Plug In My Ass

I have had the opportunity to wear a butt plug for a large part of my day a few times now. We currently have two butt plugs one small and a large one. I started the day with the small one in. It felt sexy under my clothing. To make it even more naughty I wore a pink thong and another pair of boxer briefs over just incase the plug slipped out. Lucky i did! It slipped out right in the middle of my work day. A little embarrassing even if noone noticed.

The small one takes just a minute to get in, it feels nice, naughty and adventurous. I think I honest prefer a butt plug to a chastity device. I guess they just give different types of pleasure, one more mental, the other more physical. After it slipped out, I left it out and put it somewhere safe out of sight. Since I did not want to cheat this filthy task my wife gave me later this afternoon I came home and am now wearing the large one.

Wow!!! I love the large one! Although I think in practicality a medium may be better for longer wear. I will add it to the wishlist! The big one takes several minutes to get in. I have to lube it and my ass and slowly insert it. It stretches me to a slight point of pain where I have to pull it back out and slowly push back onto it. It takes several times of this slow in and out motion taking it deeper and further in, until that OMG sensation. Wow. It slips in and feels so heavenly, naughty, sexy and feminine. A sensation of absolute fullness.

The best part though is when I have been walking around with a plug in my ass. It is heavy and pulls, sometimes feeling like it may even fall out too then I sit down on top of it and once again get this feeling of being impaled!!!! Wow! Honestly my cock seems to drip cum the whole time.

What a great fun idea. While I have been plugged waiting to be cuckolded tonight, her bull has been trying to come up with a pet name for me when I am being submissive. They came up with Cucky. I like it, as I do have cuckold cravings. I look forward to to being called it while she gets filled with pleasure fucked deep and hard. After all I have been feeling pleasure all day. I am loving fully letting go and embracing my inner filthy slut. I wonder though is there anything else they can call me?

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