My Insecurities

I am a successful, dominant, tall muscular athletic male. I am strong in body and mind, a father a loving husband and a man. Do I have insecurities? Of course I do. My main insecurity is the size of my cock. I am less than average but have always been very sexual and am told I am a great lover. I think when you know you have a small cock or are insecure about it you naturally just put more effort into your lovemaking. I learned early it takes me a lot of effort to give a woman multiple orgasms and I enjoy doing this more than anything. I have spent my lifetime studying sex and pleasuring woman. I have also seen with my own eyes how a well-endowed man can cause my wife to full body orgasm over and over again with ease. My insecurities also make me a natural cuckold. I am able to embrace them and draw pleasure from them. I have a need to see and know she is being fully sexually satisfied; this is my greatest sexual pleasure. My other insecurity is I enjoy being sexually submissive, erotically teased, and sexually used for others and my pleasure.

This comes in many forms, in marriage through cuckolding, face sitting, pegging and orally pleasuring my wife. Prior to marriage I was introduced to this by another man, so it comes from sucking cock, being tied up, dominated and paddled. So I have sexual needs outside the norm. I can switch form dominant to submissive but the more I allow me to be my true sexual self, it is becoming harder to go back and forth. I don’t have any desires to do anything without my consent and comfort, but am open to doing mostly anything sexually.

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