Double Vaginal Penetration

As my wife rides on top of him, his big cock pumping in and out of her pussy, it almost seems impossible that I can push up behind, push our cocks together to make one super cock to penetrate her. He is much larger in size then me. How does it feel having two cocks at once in your pussy? My wife says it is an orgasmic bliss all women should experience, there is nothing more intense and pleasurable. How does it feel for me? It feels sexy and hot, two cocks battle in unison to fill her pussy together. In my experience the bigger cock continues to win as it pushes the smaller cock out. Possibly this would not happen with equal sized penises, this is my experience. It does work though and her orgasms are amazing.  It does not feel gay, of course if you have read my blog you know I don’t have an issue with it. It is two men doing everything and anything to please a sexual goddess. Men are obsessed with her body and we will do anything to please it.  Pleasuring her to this extent is pleasurable for both of us.  Yes I can feel his cock against mine, we are both hard but our flesh is soft, again this is not our focus, our focus is on feeling her.

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