Panties For Husband

Much like everything in cuckolding I’m not sure why I like to wear panties so much? I have also tried to stop trying to understand why something turns me and and just enjoy that it does. There is something that just makes me feel sexy in them, especially a new naughty pair like my wife purchased me for Valentines Day. 

My transition started slowly. I honestly think, my wife just felt your typical men’s underwear are ugly and since we were experimenting sexually with our relationship and she was dressing sexier she felt I should too. It began with her purchasing me more fashionable boxer briefs. The kind you find on . She purchased me several pairs and I loved the comfort as well as the naughty feeling of knowing I was wearing something sexy under my daily clothing. From there, we continued to experiment with even sexier and more revealing pairs switching to men’s thongs that still have the wide waste strap. I’m sure this is intended for those times when the strap is visible above the waist line so people can’t tell. This was in part why I was comfortable trying them out. 

I still love these types of thongs, they are very functional and work well when exercising. Certainly they will be kept in the rotation. After purchasing the above thongs and me liking them we then got even more skimpy ones for me to wear at home. 

As I transitioned to thongs from my typical briefs, I started to enjoy wearing them everyday, everywhere. The most comfortable thongs for me are actually G-Strings, and yes they make these with the wide straps too. My favorite underwear now are ones the resemble closest to women’s panties.

Again I don’t know why, they just make me feel sexy, a little naughty. They also help me with my cuckold cravings. I like the sexual feminine feel of them, the way they highlight the size of my manhood. I like how they feel agains my skin. I like how they are a reminder of my submissiveness. 

There is nothing better than sliding them on after I have had a leg, chest and Brazilian wax. I feel smooth and sexy. At home only in them I love the feeling of my smooth body against my wife’s. It does make me feel feminine, not humiliated or gay, yes though feminine. That makes the thought of another masculine male ravishing her or even I that much more exciting. 

I am a cuckold male after all, a guy who is very much turned on by my wife fucking other men. I like some small penis humiliation, teasing as well as the feeling of being a sexy cuckold husband.   

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