How Far Will You Go?

How Far Will You Go?

During our cuckold relationship my wife and I have continued to push our limits of sexuality. Inviting other men to join us in our room for a night of hot passionate MFM threesome sex. Her enjoying men alone in the same room. My sexy wife going out on dates ending with her on her hands and knees in their homes getting fucked to her content while I’m at home taking care of our children and our house. My wife going to a bar with a girlfriend, picking up another man and taking a taxi back to his place.

We have gone to swinger parties, gang-bangs, swinger resorts.

Together we have experimented with power play and role reversal. She has teased me, locked my cock in a chastity cage. Yes she has even had me suck dildos and has strapped them on to fuck me to my content.

During our marriage we have allowed another male to take a dominant role over both of us. Both submitting to his and our sexual desires.

How far will I go? Much of our submissive play is together, her and I. We are deeply in love. We deeply desire and understand each other. We have built a home and family together. There is nothing we don’t share or know about each other. So with her I’m willing to do anything at least once. So far I have no regrets and there is nothing we have done that I have not enjoyed.

Would I do these things in front of other people outside of our relationship? Will I share my sexual submissiveness with others? My wife had a fantasy of me sucking another guys cock with her. She built up this fantasy and communicated it to me during our private play. Then one evening we did it, we sucked a cock together and it was wonderful to share this experience with her.

For me as long as it is not a surprise I will do anything sexually. I’m kind of a slut that way, but I do want to be allowed to give consent. I want to be able to think about, register it in my head and prepare myself mentally and physically for it, whatever the sexual act is. I don’t think premeditated physical surprises have a place in sex. Sure in the heat of the moment surprises happen. We may make love on a beach in the spur of the moment as our passion rises. Sexual play in the heat of the moment can have many hot surprises, but they are hot because they are unplanned, loss in the moment, devouring animalistic passion.

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