You Are My Cuckold

Are you getting jealous my love? You’re starting to have that look in your eye. Not angry, but conflicted. Conflicted about how hard your getting while you watch me be slutty. It’s so cute how you always do that.

I know this turns you on. You like to watch me flirt with other men, kiss them, even fuck them. You love to allow me to have as many sexual partners as I desire, as often as I desire – almost as much as I love feeling their cocks buried deep inside of me. So much deeper than your cock can reach. It makes you so hard, being a cuckold. And as conflicted as you get, there is one feeling that is overpowering it all, your arousal. 

You truly get turned on by this arrangement. I can see it in your hard little cock. But what is it about being my cuckold that turns you on? It is because encouraging me to do as I sexually please is the ultimate act of submission? Or because when I cuckold you, you can feel confident knowing that I’m 100% satisfied? Seeing me happy and satisfied turns you on even further.

I know you sometimes feel sexually inadequate, and being able to watch me with another man gives you a chance to imagine yourself in that same position. You admire the men that fuck me don’t you? Their ability to fuck me hard and deep, to stretch my pussy like your cock can’t. I see how you watch in awe as they do things to me you never have and never could do. You get to spend the evening only a breath away from my chosen lover, a truly powerful and dominant man. Maybe for a moment, you feel like you’re him. And maybe for a moment, I make you taste his cock. You love it cuckold, don’t you?

But more than anything, you are the cornerstone of it. You liberate me to indulge in these affairs, to embrace my slutty self. And you knowing how much I need this shows me how much you understand me. How perfectly matched we are in this dance of vicarious pleasure. You get so much pleasure from me and I get so much pleasure from you as my cuckold husband. So you’ll understand when I tell you I’m going to see him again tonight. Of course you do. Isn’t that right cuckold? 

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