Cuckolding Is Sexy

Cuckolding Is Sexy

Her lover messaged that he would be visiting our house. His text wrote I will be there between 6:30 and 7. We should have your husband cook for us while I fuck you on the kitchen table. It’s the least he can do if we’re going to provide the entertainment. 

My wife wrote back with kisses that she loves it!!!! Our responsibilities for the night were in place and all my wife needed was a sexy dress for her stud. 

I dressed her in a sleeveless, open-backed halter dress that unabashedly played up all of her features. The entire dress is made up of fine gold chains, woven together in a loose knit that decorated her body more than covered it. Through the dress you could see every outline of her breasts, nipples, toned stomach and perfect round ass. Cut narrowly from the shoulder down to the waist so the tanned curving sides of her breast peaked out, the skirt short enough. Paired with a pair of her highest heels she felt sexy and ready. Wet to the touch. She looked and felt like the sex goddess I know she is. 

I greeted him at the door, shook his hands, and made quick small talk. I like him and feel lucky we found each-other. He is a guys guy, a women’s sex symbol, has an air of dominance and control. My wife is amazed, as it seems he is completely in my brain. 

He immediately walked over and kissed her. Forcefully. Passionately. She melted into him. 

I smiled, I had already submitted when I agreed to the terms of this night and I would do my best to make it as pleasurable as possible for the three of us. I smiled walked in the kitchen and started cooking dinner. I could not take my eyes off this man running his hands all over my wife. She made eye contact and smiled letting me know how happy she was for me agreeing to this night. 

They both giggled, and my wife asked, “are we really going to actually eat dinner?”

“Of course.” He said determinedly surprising both my wife and I. “But while your husbands cooking, I’m going to eat.” 

He moved her to the head of the table, picked her up, sat her down on the edge. He spread her legs apart, and stood with her legs wrapped around him. 

“Lay back” he commanded. She laid back on our marble table, arched her back to look at me 10 feet behind them, standing over the kitchen stove, intently watching the scene unfolding before me.  I felt in awe, and so proud of my wife for letting this man help bring out her true sexual nature. She dripping on the table and her pussy had not yet been touched. She looked beautiful and together they painted a perfect portrait.

Her stud locked eyes on her, filled with lust, he roughly pushed her dress up around her waist. “Look at me. That lucky bastard gets to have you look at him every day. Tonight, look at me.” In a second swift move, he grabbed the sides of the top of her dress and moved them in-between her breasts, giving him full view of her naked nipples. 

He ran his fingers along her glistening inner thighs, softly inching up closer, then he roughly pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy. She gasped in pleasure. My cock grew hard as I continued to cook. 

Tonight she was his, he licked her, fed his large thick cock to her, and fucked her with dominance and a firm pounding. 

When dinner was ready, they both sat naked and ate, enjoying the meal I had cooked. I sat clothed as we all talked. When they finished, he took her to our master bedroom and left me to clean up before joining them.  

I happily played my role and they happily theirs. At dinner we joked, and he eluded that he is our sex toy. I thought to myself, or are we yours? Maybe we are all each-others sex toy bringing out something deep inside of us we each desire. Different for each of us but a little bit the same. Him the dominant male sexually having another mans wife and showing dominance over our relationship, bringing in a new form of sexual play, an increase in sexual intensity and an understanding of little nuances like the pleasure the husband derives through a simple appreciation of telling him “that dress was amazing”. The husband who craves his wife to be sexual and happy, who has a taboo of liking to share his wife and deriving pleasure out of being a cuckold. A wife who loves sex, loves cock, who has a need for more, not only more than what her husband can provide, but more variety and sexual stimulation. 

Cuckolding is sexy although often portrayed as something else, humiliating, degrading and cruel. I hate when I see this and often believe the creators don’t understand the true nuance of this lifestyle shared by loving married couples.

“Humiliating him? No, I’m turning my husband on isn’t that right darling?

My wife and I have a stable, loving marriage. I get turned on by how sexy she is and love that she can flirt with and be with other men if she chooses. Sharing her expands the boundaries of our relationship and I feel a more natural approach to human sexuality. I don’t own her she has my love and I hers. My wife was not made to only have me sexually, she is way to insatiable. I think this is a good trait for a sexy strong powerful woman. I like that she can be taken from me for a brief time. It is unnerving yet so exciting.

I don’t ever feel humiliated when she is with other well hung men, I don’t get humiliated when she teases me about how much harder she cums with them. It is fun, sexy and turns me on and humbles me.

I am excited she is hot and sexy and I like the reminders she is enjoying another or will be soon. At just over 5 inches I satisfy her, but I am so happy to hear she wants more. I am not humiliated about my cock size I love my body and am happy of who I am. Her getting sexually satisfied as much as humanly possible turns me on and satisfies me sexually, a win win. I love to lick her pussy as she gets fucked and even more after, I love when her body is covered in sex and I just want to devour her. I also love just making love to her. So I guess some of these things might be humiliating to others but to me they are sexy and fun. I am happy being a cuckold.

My  wife makes no secret how much she liked getting stretched by guys with large cocks. She still cums on my penis to this day, but it is nowhere the orgasms she has with others. I think once a man realizes and becomes secure with himself with what nature has given them, it is only natural to fantasize of seeing his wife receive pleasure from a hung man, especially if he knows that the wife has tendencies toward this and had experiences with very well endowed men in the past. Once my wife realized that I will not be upset, she does not hold back when it comes to this subject.

Why I like her with a dominant man? I am dominant myself, tall and strong. It would not make sense to desire her with anyone less than me. I also like the thrill of her being taken She says that it feels so different, so good, the moment that a big cock first enters her. “The feeling of a different cock pushing all the way inside of me is incredible. I open my legs as wide as I can so that I can get as much of that cock deep inside of me. Even after he is all the way inside, I crave to have his cock deeper.”

She has described the raw lust and passion that she feels when a new man is fucking her. I have seen it for myself, and it is powerful. She is much more vocal than with me, saying things like “Fuck me!, Fuck me harder! Oh god you are amazing!” She says that she doesn’t think before saying those things, that they just come out in the midst of all the passion.

She has depicted to me the feelings of pleasure that she has had while having sex with another man. The feeling of fullness inside of her from a thick cock, the warmth that washes over her body as she begins to have an orgasm while he is inside of her. The need to fuck him until he cums. I can understand why she needs this.

Yes cuckolding is sexy! I love that my wife is a hot and sexy woman. She is sexually adventurous, sexually free. It turns me on when I know a lady is not sexually faithful to her husband. I have always found this to be very hot and sexy. I don’t know why. When people speak of a woman cheating on her husband most say it is terrible, I think to myself, damn that is sexy!

I like to lick her pussy after she has been fucked and yes when it is full of cum. It is not the cum itself that I desire. I like sharing the experience with her, I like how it makes me feel submissive when in most of my life I am dominant. I like the naughtiness, the thought of her full of another man’s cum and yes I even get turned on fantasizing about her get pregnant. Most of all I like that it comforts her, it lets her know I am happy for her. What better way could a husband show his support of his wife being sexually free than licking her pussy full of another mans cum. I will do anything for my wife.

I love to see my wife wear sexy clothing and I love to buy her sexy clothing to wear. I like her in skimpy outfits, I love when she doesn’t wear panties or a bra. I like sex toys and to have someone to play with them with. I l love that other men find my wife attractive and sexy and I love that my wife finds other men attractive and sexy. I like to think about her in a passionate kiss with another. I love how intense she cums on larger cocks.  She amazes me with her sexual skills with other men and myself.  I like that she can be flirtatious and free in front of me, others and when I’m not there. I like her to be a sexual animal, natural, and real. I  love how she smells, looks and taste after being with another or multiple men. I like the teasing aspect and the acknowledgment of ways she can experience greater sexual satisfaction. I love that we make many of our fantasies come true. I like to watch her get ready to go out. I love when she is out having fun and being naughty with another man, I love when she comes home. I love making love to her, our passion, and how she constantly turns me on, how we can turn each other on role-playing hot wife fantasies. How she is sexually free and still the perfect mother of our children and perfect wife. That the other men know about me and some women friends too. That we can have friendships with other males and they can be friendships with sexual benefits. The smile the male gives me before taking my wife. How I have the desire to thank him after. That I can have this blog as an outlet and not be negatively judged by her. The anticipation. The cravings. The honesty. I’m happy I have accepted my fetish it was not always that way and that I married a women that allows me to embrace it. I love sexually promiscuous insatiable women.  Everything about my wife turns me on. The love she gives me and the love I have for her.

Cuckolding is sexy, cuckolding is loving, cuckolding is humbling.

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