Naughty Thoughts Again

When she is dressed in sexy lingerie I’ve purchased her, I can’t help but want her to be ravished in it. 

My cock throbs every-time I get to lick my wife’s pussy.  

She is a natural hot-wife, perfect for a natural cuckold. 

There is something different when you are not there or in another room. It is a different kind of cuckolding. A little better, a little worst.

My wife buys me the hottest underwear

I can make my wife squirt, I take pride in teaching her how. Now I am absolutely amazed watching what he can do to her with his hands. 

It must be an unbelievable feeling for her, me eating her used pussy. it is for me as well. Reclaiming our relationship and love together this way is special.

I want to devour your pussy with my mouth, suck and lick it and your ass. I want to be the last person to make you cum. 

I love how daring and adventurous my beautiful wife is. She deserves everything she wants. 

Embrace that you are a cuckold Once you do, your sex life will be much better and you will have a sense of understanding of your sexual nature. 

I love when my wife dresses and leaves the bra and panties off!!! I find it so erotic and hot, she looks like the natural beautiful sexy woman she truly is. 

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