My number one fantasy

My wife is my number one fantasy in everything sexual. We have cuckold fantasies and yes we do actively play them out but we also have other sexual fantasies we play with together. Truly we are both sluts and love this fact together.  I think the reason she is my number one fantasy is not just because she is the love of my life but because she is highly sexual. I also love how she is strong, intelligent, yet loves the feel of being dominated by another man the same way I view her as a dominant woman. 

This is the thing about being a cuckold. I knew the first time she had sex with another man after we were married I was addicted to her more than a typical marriage. Her hunger for sex is an astonishing sight and I like the idea of her out of control and feeding her natural sexual hunger. I crave it almost daily.  It took me years to have any understanding of this part of me.

A highly sexualized wife is a wonderful thing. 

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