Free to enjoy herself.

Prior to marrying and having kids, she would meet attractive men she liked. Natural attraction and desire would lead to uninhibited sex, in a bathroom, home at his apartment, on a deserted beach, or outside in the corner of a secluded parking lot. It was wild, fun, passionate and pleasurable.

Something she missed in the confines of a monogamous marriage. Happily married and in love to the man of her dreams, she missed her true natural joy of being sexually uninhibited, being desired by other men and giving into those desires. At times she thought one day she may cheat, like she did with all the other guys. Then a truth slowly emerged, her husband noticed her untamed ways, noticed she needed more sexually. Noticed she needed to be desired and feel sexy. She needed to be able to have sex with other men.

Not only that!

Her husband craved for a woman just like this, part of his attraction to her from the beginning was he knew she was this type of girl. Slutty, a sex goddess. For him it is exciting, raw, sexy, desirable and natural. Together they lifted the curtain and set each-other sexually free against the norms society taught them.

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