A sexy dressed wife

As a husband who loves a sexual wife, as a cuckold, I do things that other husbands don’t, yes sexually but also I love to shop for my wife. Purchase her clothing that I feel makes her look hot as well as professional. Woman ofter can’t believe I shop for my wife. Sometimes I feel awkward that my wife even tells everyone this part of me. I am not sure if they know the full extent. I purchase the majority of her underwear, bras, dresses, work attire, tanks, swimsuits. I truly enjoy it.  I don’t do it because I want control of how she looks. I do it because I enjoy it, because I see something on a model and think to myself, my wife would look much more beautiful in that, or hot, or slutty all depending on the item. I love how my wife dresses. She is sexy as fuck! A sex goddess.

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