Size Matters

Last night, laying in bed I was horny. Horny because yesterday morning my wife gave me a special new gift to wear all day. A leopard print satin thong. She understands I love her dressing me in clothing that reminds me of my submissiveness, reminds me I am a cuckold. She started slowly dressing me in sexy underwear and over the years they have gotten skimpier and skimpier to where now they are close as possible to being woman’s underwear.

There is something sexy about wearing such naughty things underneath my everyday men’s wear. As I kissed her and rubbed her goddess body in bed. Returning the favor she rubbed me back tracing the lines of the thong. She was wet and very turned on as well. As we started to make love, removing each-others clothing, I spread her legs and positioned myself on top of her and slid inside. Her wetness and pussy enveloped my cock. As I slid in and out of her my insecurities crept inside of my head. I could tell she was enjoying it but it did not give her the sexual pleasure she needs to cum. The fact is I rarely can make her cum in the missionary position. I too sometimes can’t tell if I’m sliding across her wet folds or am inside. I could almost here here telling me this, although it could have also been my own insecurities and imagination.

So as we normally do we moved her on top where I am able to give her body more stimulation to make her orgasm. I love for my wife to orgasm and in my head this had me thinking, yes thinking even during sex. Size does really matter.

You see my wife deserves to have big cock whenever she wants. To feel it’s warmth, it’s heaviness, for her hand to feel small around it. She deserves to orgasm over and over again and have me, her cuckold worship her pussy with my mouth after.

You may not understand it, you don’t have to. I deserve it too. I deserve her to tease me about my cock size, to remind me I am small, to feel the erotic humiliation of having my fears over my size confirmed. My wife and I uncovered a secret I long harbored many years ago. I desire to be a cuckold. I want other men to fuck my wife. I crave the arousal being a cuckold provides me. She and I are both size queens.

2 thoughts on “Size Matters

  1. I believed the “not the size… Motion of the ocean” and all those other “it’s not the size but how you use it” statements. As well as repeatedly reading, technique, first few inches etc etc etc.
    Well yes, I don’t even need a hard dick to orgasm, I can do that with fingers and other objects.
    I had totally given up on ever experiencing a vaginal orgasm.

    Then being introduced to my first large one and experiencing not one but several orgasms, yes vaginal.
    Was this an anomaly? My next hung encounter had a bend in it, my yearning yoni was too busy climaxing to notice.
    My third encounter took some time to find, I suspected that width might be my on switch.
    From the moment I saw his girthy cock I became aroused like never before. His erection felt so heavy in my hand and I was unable to encircle it. I will never forget his words just before entering me – “God your pussy is so fucking wet!” It was a minute before I could prop myself up to look because of the intense pleasure.
    I was creaming, his big nutsack touching, sticking. I came so many times that numbers mean nothing.
    My husband couldn’t tell you, he was so into jerking off furiously and the feelings he had for me, powerful feelings. We both learned a new word describing it – compersion.

    Does Size Matter? – YES it does!


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