My Fetish

I have a fetish. I also have kinks. My fetish is I am attracted to a strong slutty woman. I can’t think back to when this started but I have had it for much of my adult life.

It is not just the attraction to this powerful sexual woman that gets me off. I have a cuckolding fetish. A psychological need to experience pleasure and some anguish that comes from my partner openly being with other men. With her enjoyment it is a mutual treat we both enjoy.

It took me years to reach a place of acceptance. For a long time I felt trapped in my fantasies and sexual desires. Chained to my old rules of preconceived notions. I was absorbed in the rules and values of my parents, my friends and society. Once I gave into acceptance it has honestly made me feel sexually free. I have climbed a difficult mountain to a beautiful view.

Sexually I am more open now than I have ever been before. My fetish with my wife’s help has brought with it many fun kinks that have brought us even closer together than I could have ever imagined. Kinks of sharing men with each-other, using toys, femdom, erotic humiliation, wearing sexual clothing, power play, SPH and more.

My fetish will always be cuckolding, with these added kinks, my wife’s loving support of my sexuality. I think about how lucky I am everyday I am with my wife.

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