My Acceptance



It’s not just dirty talk. She means it. She needs it. She needs deeper. She needs harder.

Since the beginning of our marriage I chose to realize that universal sexual truth which all boys with small dicks need to eventually come to terms with: the supremacy of magnificent, superior, long, hard cock.

I tried to compete until I chose the fact I shouldn’t compete. I should get my wife what she needs.

It started slowly: a huge dildo. Looks realistic. Feels like skin. After a few nights with her new toy, she was hooked. Orgasms like I’ve never heard.

I fantasied often about her being with other men sexually. Soon our nights were filled with big realistic toys, talk of her being fucked by a well endowed man, and her powerful orgasm. Our dirty talk accelerated.

You want this big cock, honey?

Oh, you naughty wife. Tell me you want it. Yes! You need hot thick cock in this pussy, don’t you?

When I’m out with her I can feel every male gaze fixed on my hot wife in her sexy clothing. She knows it too. It leaves just enough to the imagination to get the mind going.

Their eyes lock on my wife as we pass, her skin gleaming in the sun. I elbow her a little and point.

She grins and adds more booty swing to her walk, more bounce to her chest. She jiggles teasingly.

She smiles and flirtatiously looks at the boys seductively, flicking her hair before walking on. She smacks her own ass proudly. It wobbles healthily.

I’m stunned by her confidence.

You shouldn’t compete.

This was something I began to accept. My wife needs more. Would she ever be sexually satisfied? Would the full potential of her sexuality ever be unlocked? Would she ever be able to metamorphose into the feminine goddess of sexuality that she deserves to be, able to explore the very deepest reaches of her desires and bring them to full bloom?

I already knew the answer. I was determined.

My heart pounded. My throat was dry. I trembled as my penis stiffened.

I leaned over my wife, still recovering from orgasm. I pulled her close. Lovingly. Tightly. She snuggled into my chest.

My goddess, my treasure. “For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live.” I pledgeed that day to make your wife the happiest woman in the world.

I brought my lips up to her ear and whisper a few nervous, unsure words.

Through a gift I communicated to my wife. I sent her on vacation and she knew I wanted her to cuckold me with men. I wanted her to taste, to feel, to experience hot sex and big cock. I wanted other bulls to plunder her booty and bring her to sexual heights we previously thought impossible.

She slowly turned her head up to look at me, her expression indecipherable.


I nod my head.

“…Wait, for real?”

I nod again. My heart was about to pound out of my chest.

“Is this really what you want, honey?”


Years later

Truth. Reconciliation. My wife and I both confronted the future together.

Life has taken us to places we never believed existed. My wife almost seems to grow younger with each year. All smiles. She wears sexy dresses and clothing. She radiates feminine contentment.

And me. I am more content than ever.

This is because we both came to terms with what we needed. I came to terms with my needs, my secret dreams, the cuckold lifestyle.

My wife on the bed, all fours. Completely naked. Breasts out. Her back arched, head held up and high. Her eyes shut tightly, teeth gritted. “Erg! Ah! Yes, yes, yes!” Sounds of sex fill the room. Wet sounds of sexual organs rubbing together greedily. Smell of cum and love juices permeating the air.

Her hair, pulled behind her head by a large hand. An alpha male behind her. His cock goes on for days, relentlessly penetrating my sweet wife’s pussy on a scared mission.

He groans with pleasure, feeling her tight pink vagina gripping his strong thick shaft. She milks his cock, eager to drive him over the edge and fill her womb with his hot seed.

He yearns to drain his swollen balls into the little ass before him. To make her essentially his own.

I stand nearby, watching in awe. Tugging my cock. Breathing heavily. My wife looks so hot. She is being taken utterly by a healthy, virile male. His ass clinches tightly with each plunge into the soft pussy being offered to him. My wife’s hips move in time with her bull, a rhythmic fucking that hypnotizes us both.

His movements take on a slow, deliberate rhythm. Purpose to every thrust. The bull grimaces tightly, holding his head back. A low growl begins to escape his lips. Something is building. Coming to a head. Pound, pound, pound…

“OMG!! Yesssss!! CUM IN ME!!

And he BURSTS!

The alpha male throws his head back with a primal, masculine yell as he buries his long thick cock deep into the recesses of my wife, leaving a potent sacrifice at the alter of her temple. She yelps in desperation, overcome with orgasm at the sensation of his hot seed covering her womb.

Her legs twitch violently. His balls grip tightly into his groin as they dump unimaginable amounts of cum into my wife. Her toes curl and breath heaves.

This isn’t just sex. This is fate. This is meant to happen. This is nature at work. Two healthy sexual icons – the strong, potent male and the soft, submissive female – tasting each others flesh and exchanging memories. This is happiness. The submissive husband with his fetish.

This is satisfaction, for all of us.

All that it took was to overcome my fear, my reluctance. To accept that his cock goes where my dick can’t.

The only thing standing between me and a heavenly submission to alpha cock taking over our lives… is me.

This is the story of a guy who understood what his wife needed: to have amazing sex with big cock. To enjoy the inherent and powerful sexuality of cocky alpha bulls. To feel her innermost recesses filled to the brim with a long shaft, to have her body penetrated repeatedly and frequently by hot, handsome studs with big cocks, balls full of cum, and a desire for conquest.

I had to embrace who I really am. Embrace who my wife really is. Stop thinking about what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go right.

All I had to do was submit to being a true cuckold

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