Conflicted Sexuality

Young in her teens, society told her she should wait until marriage for sex, they didn’t approve of her using birth control, sex was shunned, and as a girl embracing her sexuality was often slut shamed. 

She already knew she enjoyed sex, did not see it as bad, consenting to its pleasure at a very young age, her experiences were very positive from the start.

Attracted to the young male athletes in their 20′s she would lie about her age and give her sex to them. Even then she did not seek a single partner, never wanted to be faithful. She loved men, and loved offering her body to them. 

At times she was conflicted about her sexuality, but always knew she craved cock. It is natural for her to enjoy sex and friendships with multiple partners. 

Many years later she met her future husband and decided to finally be faithful to a single man. Wasn’t that what was expected? She called it off with her other boyfriends. She pushed her cravings into the closet, and she was faithful to the love of her life for many years. 

He had his own secrets, he too was very sexual, open to sexual exploration. Society did not tell him not to have sex, sex was really never discussed, boys have cocks and they use them. He had a strong appetite for sex, and sex of various kinds. What he wanted in his marriage was also taboo to society norms. He too was sexually conflicted. 

Since the beginning he knew she was slutty, and he loved her more than anything in the world.  He didn’t want her to be faithful and no matter if she had sex with other men or not would not leave her.  He had cuckold fantasies very early on. The thought of her having sex with other men while they dated was very sexy. He would masturbate fantasizing about it, about her, not ever other women.  

Slowly over years of marriage secrets emerged, they know longer had to be conflicted in their sexuality because in a way they were the same, together they are perfect, together they can feed their cravings. He craves to be a cuckold, she has cravings for variety, adventure, other men. Together they can have both. Together they set each of their own sexuality free.    

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