Naughty Thoughts

This is going to be an ongoing topic on my blog. Naughty thoughts. I have a lot of them so I am going to just post short lines here. 

I love how sexy and strong Elizabeth is. She can have any man she wants and that is unbelievably hot!

It’s a blessing really when both you and your wife come to know each others needs!

The thought of my wife passionately fucking anyone including me turns me on like nothing else.

I love the different expression of deep satisfaction Elizabeth gets on her face and a slightly deeper groan when a big cock enters her.

I had this vivid dream of my wife being fucked in front of me by two very hung men. It has had me craving for her to be fucked all day! I’ve been dripping cum.

My goddess, the most perfect sexy wife in the world!

I pretty much have an oral fixation. 

I think it is hot when my wife is dominant in the bedroom.

I can visualize my wife giving me the perfect look, a look like she did nothing wrong. A naughty look that tells me she is a Hotwife and a smile that tells me I’m a cuckold. 

If you are a husband with cuckold cravings, once you witness her have sex with a cock that pleasures her body to such a greater height, there is no turning back.   

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