But Do I Play?

Once I had a taste of the cuckold life I was addicted. Early on when Elizabeth and I were experimenting with my fantasies we went to swinger websites and swinger events to help us discover what we both liked. I did play on occasion with other women but it just really did not work for me or her. 

I get much greater sexual pleasure from being a cuckold and the dynamics of this type of sexuality. We do not consider ourselves swingers or in a lifestyle. We do consider ourselves kinky and a bit slutty. The experiences we have togeather and her on her own on a date outweigh any pleasure I would get also being sexually non-monogamous. I get quite horny when she is out with another man while I am at home taking care of our household. As Elizabeth describes it to other men who question our relationship “My husband is all in, he is all about it.” 

That said I do enjoy being part of her relationships with other men. This happens through my support and us both getting equally excited…. sometime I actually think I may get more excited. I also enjoy participating if the other male is okay with it in a MFM threesome or me just watching. Most of the men we seek are dominant males and are also all about this.

So yes I do play, just differently. 

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