Cuckold Non-Monogamy


My wife never cheated on me and I don’t expect she ever had a desire too. It was a fantasy though that I shared with her early on in our marriage. I am not sure where this fantasy or need of mine started. I do know I have always been attracted to women that are sexual and thinking about my girlfriends and  then my wife having sex with others besides me has always been a big turn-on. Sure it comes with jealousy and emotions that can be hard at times. I will get more into that as I develop the content on this blog. The jealousy and emotions also are part of the turn-on for the cuckold. 

 I believe communicating with her was the best route. A healthy way to play out my fantasies without the deceit. Open and honest. I like to use the word Cuckold, really we are in an open relationship. To her desire I am happily monogamous. To my desire she can happily be non-monogamous.   

As the cuckold husband I am happy to have a wife with additional sexual needs, a wife that enjoys being with a variety of men. I am a good husband and continues to be one, taking care of her, my family and the chores of daily life. To me she is not cheating our relationship, she is helping enhance it. It is something we do togeather as a couple. 

I honestly cherish my wife and our relationship. After sharing with her some of my past skeletons in the closet that I will share on this blog she didn’t judge. It was like a tire lifted off my chest, the one person that knows everything about me. No lies, open honesty and communication. As a cuckold I sometimes laugh because I want her to treat me like a BFF share her excitement when some guy flirts with her, when she buys something sexy or does something naughty. I enjoy going shopping with her and picking out outfits for her dates. I am a dominant man but sexually you will find I am pretty submissive. Cuckold Non-Monogamy works for us. 

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