The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Although my journey into my sexuality began in my teens I later in life discovered I had cuckold cravings. Meaning I am turned on by the thought of my wife being with other men as well as her actually being with other men. I documented my journey into my sexual thoughts and kinks for many years on Tumblr where my wife was able follow and read my deepest fantasies and desires. In a week they will be taking years of my thoughts and trashing them so I am moving here where I have ownership and a place to work through the sexual side of myself. This will be an Adult blog that will include kinks in Cuckolding, Femdome, light Feminization, erotic humiliation, dominance and submission. 

Everything is written from my heart and the love I have for myself and my wife. Some things I write are just fantasy – entertaining to think about, others are true desires and much of it is true experience. 

If you do not like this content, are under 18, just go elsewhere. Don’t judge because I sin differently than you. My goal it to live a sex positive life. 

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